Oates, Martin

Martin OatesMartin Oates is a beer blogger who tends to write about pubs, breweries, places and events as much as the actual beers themselves. His fascination with beer began at an early age as he grew up above an off licence, when he started working at Barclays in Ipswich he was led astray, in the direction of the Ipswich Beer Festival, since then he has been to many beer festivals, both in the UK and further afield.

Working in the City of London for the last 20+ years has meant he has seen first-hand how the beer scene has grown in what used to be the brewing capital of the world, this provides much of the material for his blog postings. The flipside of working in the city is the contrast it provides between place of work and home, which is Colchester in Essex, outside of the “bubble”.

Looking to continue to expand his knowledge and experiences, sharing them as he goes along his beery journey.

Twitter: mjpo007