McCrorie, James

Private brewer (homebrewer). Founder of the Craft Brewing Association, the UK homebrewing organisation. Member of Durden Park Beer Circle. Publisher of Brewer’s Contact. Researcher into, and brewer of, historical beers, particularly Original IPA, London Porter and Scottish ales. Consultant to modern commerical breweries regarding original styles. Media contact for UK homebrewing activities. Committed to a vain attempt to have beer writers understand how beer is spoilt by being bottled in clear or green bottles, thereby turning the hop aroma into the smell of skunk, or in UK terms ‘wet dog’. The new (private) brewery is now on stream
so Guild Member friends are welcome if they are in the Dorset/Hants area.

74 Award Road, Stapehill, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7NS.
01202 914323