Marston’s is inviting local home brewers into its brewery to form a home brewing club


The DE14 Home Brew Club is a group for those in and around Burton who want to share their passion for brewing, experiment with new styles and flavours and tap into the knowledge of our master brewers. The group has already attracted twenty-two members to its private Facebook group.
There are no entry requirements other than someone who is currently home brewing or looking to start home brewing and attendees are encouraged to bring samples of their home brewed beers for a tasting session with Marston’s master brewers.
Kicking off on 14th December at 7.30pm for a couple of hours there will be a meet and greet session with Marston’s master brewers including head brewer, Patrick McGinty. Afterwards the group will then spend the evening tasting home brews and some of the new beers brewed on Marston’s nano kit. Beer snacks will be provided by local delicatessen Abbots Deli.


Marston’s Head Brewer Patrick McGinty said: “We are pleased to say that more than fifteen brewers have confirmed their attendance so far but given that women were the original home brewers before the industrialisation of brewing we are surprised that none have expressed any interest. We have three female brewers here at Marston’s so we would welcome the presence of some enthusiastic home brewsters to the club.”


If anyone is interested in attending please message Marston’s Facebook or Twitter page for details.




For more details contact Lucy Kemp at Clarity Communications on or telephone 07961 522075





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