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Are you a beer writer or communicator? Do you want to join the British Guild of Beer Writers?

Membership to the British Guild of Beer Writers costs only £40 a year, a small price to pay for the Guild’s activities which include visits to breweries and seminars on all aspects of the brewing industry.

The Guild has two categories of membership for individuals – Full and Associate.

To support an application for membership, applicants are encouraged to submit two examples of their work and to be nominated by two Full Guild members.

All applications are considered by the Guild’s membership committee who will decide if the applicant is to be offered Full or Associate status.

If you are new to beer-writing, communicating or the brewing industry it is likely you will be offered Associate membership. It is hoped that this will encourage Associate members to become Full members as they build experience and a body of work.

Associate members will be offered advice on how to develop beer writing, including suggestions of relevant training courses.

After 12 months, all Associate members will have the opportunity to apply to the Membership committee to have their status upgraded to Full membership.

Criteria for offering Associate rather than Full Membership status may include:

• Failing to meet the criteria set out in the Guild’s aims

• Insufficient evidence of a focus on beer communicating

• Insufficient evidence of beer communicating to the expected standard

An Associate Member may attend the Guild AGM and other members’ events, but cannot vote at the AGM or any other meeting at which Full Members are asked to vote.

Aims of the Guild

The aim of the Guild is to improve standards of beer writing and extend the public knowledge of beer – membership is open to all those who work in the media or public relations.

Members include national and local journalists, writers, photographers, cartoonists, broadcasters, web page designers and contributors to local and company newsletters – they all share one thing in common, a love of beer and a desire to see its virtues communicated more effectively.

The Guild’s formal and information activities include a glittering beer feast at its annual dinner in London in December and regular updates to this website.

And beer writers and communicators have the chance to enter the Guild’s annual awards for the Beer Writer of the Year.

To apply, as an individual Guild Member, copy the membership form below, and paste as a Word file,  fill it out and send to  Tim Hampson, British Guild of Beer Writers, 76 North Hinksey Lane, Oxford OX2 0LY  Or by email to:

Corporate Membership is also available; click on “Corporate Members” above, for details of the existing Corporate Members. To apply, click here to download an application form, or, for more information, please get in touch with Tim Hampson, British Guild of Beer Writers, 76 North Hinksey Lane, Oxford OX2 0LY  Or by email to:

Payment for work

The British Guild of Beer Writers is not and cannot be a trade union. However, there is an expectation that if anyone commissions one of our members to do work that they will be paid in some way.

We do not negotiate rates that is entirely up to the individual concerned, be they a writer, broadcaster, photographer or work in public relations, however for guidance and food for thought this link will take you to the National Union Journalists website, where you will find a guide to help freelancers get the appropriate rate for the job.



British Guild of Beer Writers Application for Membership

Membership of the Guild is open to all those who can show that they strive to meet the Guild’s aims.

 The British Guild of Beer Writers exists to improve standards of beer and pub communicating and to extend the public knowledge of, interest in, and support for, beer and pubs







Please give details of your current employment or, if you are a freelance communicator, details of current clients’ commissions/online beer presence or other beer-writing/communicating methods:





Are you a member of any other professional bodies such as the NUJ, NCTJ or IBD (this is not a condition)



Please provide two recent examples of your work, or links to online work, and explain how you feel they improve standards of beer writing or extend the public knowledge of beer.




Proposer and Seconder Details

Applications for BGBW membership can be supported by existing members. If you know of existing BGBW members who will propose and/or second your application, please put their details below. This is not a condition of membership, but may help your application.









Application Outcome (for Secretary use only)



Recommended for Associate Membership




Cost of membership (both full and associate) is £40, which can be paid by bank transfer or by cheque — 

Please return this form with examples of your work to:

Matt Curtis, membership secretary: