GRATIS, a new 4.2% Gluten-free beer, has been launched by Oxfordshire’s Wychwood Brewery.


Gratis is the happy result of an enquiry from Marston’s Inns and Taverns’ pubs for a gluten-free beer for customers with gluten intolerances. It is available in 33cl bottles, and will sell at comparable prices to other 33cl beers.


Wychwood Brewery’s Senior Brand Manager for Hobgoblin and Wychwood beers, Jo Wyke comments:


“The number of coeliacs or those with gluten intolerances is thought to be 1 in 100 in Great Britain, though only 24% are diagnosed.* So Marston’s pubs, in order to give their customers a wider choice, asked us for a gluten-free beer with all the flavour attributes of a traditional malted barley beer. Gratis is a golden beer, very full bodied, with a soft floral hop aroma from its Styrian Goldings, and with hints of one of our wickedly wonderful yeasts in its distinctive aftertaste.


Often gluten-free beers are produced by changing the recipe to raw ingredients which contain no gluten, or ingredients low in gluten – the likes of rice, sorghum and maize, or occasionally oats. But Wychwood wanted to create a beer which tasted every bit as full-bodied and satisfying as one of our traditional beers. This has been achieved by using the best high quality well-modified malt, tight control throughout the brewing and fermenting process and attention to detail in the brewery. The result: Gratis, a gluten-free traditionally brewed beer. Ideally, Gratis should not be served ice-cold as this will hide its balance and its luxurious body.


Achieving certification from Coeliac UK was a big moment in proving that you can get all the benefits of barley in a gluten-free beer.


The free-from off trade market is growing by 60% year on year.**


  • 22% of all 18+ men in Britain claim they avoid, or look to reduce, their wheat/gluten intake.  (Mintel 12/02/2016)
  • The Free-From Market has an annual value growth of 21% (2009-2014). (Dohler Market Intelligence 2015)
  • More than 30,000 Free-From products were launched across Europe in 2014. (Dohler Market Intelligence 2015)
  • Gratis is Coeliac Society approved.


*Source: Coeliac UK, July 15

**Source: IRI Sig BWS Outlets, March 2016