Cornell, Martyn

Beer consultant, beer educator, Britain’s leading historian of beer and beer styles, author, journalist, editor and blogger. Speaker at conferences on beer in Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States. Writing about beer in publications from The Guardian to Beer Advocate to the South China Morning Post. Author of Strange Tales of Ale (Amberley Press, 2015); Amber Gold and Black (History Press, 2010), a book about British beer styles; Beer: the Story of the Pint (Hodder Headline, 2003), a history of brewing in Britain; The Business Guide to Cask Ale (Martin Information, 2002); and Beer Memorabilia (Apple Press, 2000). BGBW awards: book of the year 2015 and 2003, online beer communicator 2014 and 2011, beer with food writing 2012 and 2005, Beer Writer of the Year 2003, travel bursary 2013 and 2000. His work has been translated into German, Danish, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, and extracts from Amber, Gold and Black form part of the curriculum of the beer modules in the Master of Food course at the University of Gastronomy in Bra, Italy.

179 Stanley Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8UF.
020 8288 0288 (h) 07950 291326 (m) mcorn311 (Skype)
Twitter: @zythophiliac