CAMRA celebrates foreign beer at its beer festivals

CAMRA logoThe Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is celebrating foreign beers at several of its upcoming beer festivals.

CAMRA is well known across the country for its campaign to save traditional British real ale, but it also supports good beers from other countries – even if they fall outside CAMRA’s real ale definition. CAMRA is a member of the European Beer Consumer Union (EBCU), which promotes the availability and diversity of good beers across Europe.

In a time where cask ale is on the rise, Good Beer Guide Belgium editor Tim Webb explains why we should be embracing foreign beers:

“In the 25 years I have been associated with CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide Belgium, I have watched Belgium’s unique range of beers grow from a niche offering found mostly in Belgium, the Netherlands and northern France to becoming a massive global export that I found in places as far afield as Japan, South Africa, Uruguay, Mauritius and Laos”.

You can try some fantastic foreign beers this November at the Woking Beer Festival (11th – 12th) taking place at the Woking Leisure Centre, offering more than 25 different foreign beers, mainly from Belgium, with some of them being on draught.

It’s followed by the Wigan Beer Festival taking place from the 2nd March – 4th March 2017 taking place in the Robin Park Centre.  With more than 40 draught beers from all over the world, festival goers will be able to sample from Kölsch beers and Pilsners, to Belgian fruit beers and even punchy American classic ales.

Tim also says that it’s “good news that with more than 60 nations now having at least of clutch of better quality breweries, and nearly twenty having over 100, the choice of better beers for UK consumers has the potential to be the greatest ever and the range of styles in production is probably the widest in history, including classics that have survived centuries, new experimental extreme beers and revived folk brews.”

This takes us to the Leeds Beer Cider and Perry Festival 16th – 18th March 2017; which has a unique take on the term ‘foreign beers’ calling them ‘Global Beers’ instead. Each year the festival has a theme and its Global Beer bar runs competitions for festival goers to win a bottle of beer to take home.  The Global Beer bar provides comprehensive-tasting notes for all the beer styles featured available on the bar, plus a scrapbook of beers featured past and present.


Notes to Editors

CAMRA’s Belgium Good Beer Guide can be purchased online at the CAMRA shop for £14.99


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