Budget 2017 – leading industry bodies join forces to write to MPs urging them to back cut in beer duty in the Budget

  • Campaign launch – BBPA, CAMRA and SIBA urge MPs to write to the Chancellor
  • New campaign website at www.cutbeertax.co.uk
  • All can get involved in campaign, say industry bodies


The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), have written to MPs urging them to write to the Chancellor to support their call for a cut in beer duty in the Budget on 8th March.


The letter, which launches the industry campaign for a duty cut in Budget 2017, highlights recent findings of a BBPA commissioned report by economic experts Oxford Economics (OE), which found that the beer and pub industry in Britain employs almost 900,000 people, and contributes £23.1 billion to the British economy, whilst paying an astonishing £12.6 billion in tax.


The BBPA, CAMRA and SIBA are urging MPs to pledge their support for the beer and pub industry and back calls for a cut in beer duty, given the vital role that it plays in the UK economy. A cut, they argue, would help encourage investment, protect jobs and improve confidence in the sector.

The BBPA has also launched a new website for the beer duty campaign, ‘www.cutbeertax.co.uk’. The website enables members of the public to write to their MP urging them to back the BBPA’s calls for a duty cut, and includes in-depth economic data around the impact of the brewing and pub sector in every local authority and Parliamentary constituency in the UK.


For this year’s campaign, the BBPA has developed new, online widgets that enable both pubgoers and landlords to see how much recent cuts in beer tax have saved them, and will shortly be launching a new suite of infographics, accompanied with ‘#cutbeertax’ across social media.


Brigid Simmonds, BBPA Chief Executive, comments:


“Our sector supports almost 900,000 vital jobs and contributes over £23 billion to the economy, and we believe our industry should be supported to ensure we can continue to invest in jobs, particularly for young people.


“In recent years, the Government has cut beer tax three times, and opted for a freeze on duty last year. Strong support from MPs and the public really helped our campaign work, and the data shows that there are great benefits to be gained from a further cut.


“I hope that MPs will once again show their support for such a vital British industry.”


Colin Valentine, CAMRA National Chairman, says:


“’The three cuts and subsequent freeze to beer duty have supported significant growth in the brewing industry and helped to keep the price of the pint down for pub goers.


“However, with beer tax still at 52p on the pint, beer drinkers are still paying a notable amount – especially in comparison to other big brewing nations. A cut to beer duty will show government support for the British brewing industry and keep the price of beer down for consumers.”


Mike Benner, SIBA Managing Director, adds:


“Britain still pays the second highest rate of Beer Duty in Europe and more than thirteen times as much as Spain or Germany, despite beer from British independent craft breweries being in high demand for its quality and flavour.


“We would urge the Government to introduce a cut in beer duty in the next Budget to allow this important British manufacturing industry the chance to continue to grow and thrive.”




For further information, please contact:

David Wilson, Director of Public Affairs: 020 7627 9151/ 07557 436 033

Neil Williams, Head of Media: 020 7627 9156 / 07974 249 779

Tom Pratt, Campaigns & Communications Officer 020 7627 9155


Notes to editors:


Beer, pubs and Budget 2017 – key facts


  • The beer and pub sector supports 898,000 jobs – 42 per cent are under 25s
  • 83 per cent of the beer sold in Britain is made in Britain
  • 1 job in brewing supports 1 job in agriculture & wider supply chain, 1 .5 job in retail, & 14 jobs in pubs and clubs.
  • Pubs rely on beer sales – seven in every ten pub drinks sold is beer.
  • Under the beer duty escalator (2008-2013) beer tax rose by 42 per cent. During this period, 7,000 pubs closed and 58,000 jobs were lost.
  • The three, one penny beer duty cuts 2013-2015 and a freeze in 2016 have secured 21,000 jobs.
  • After years of above inflation tax rises, beer taxes are still too high. Britons pay 40 per cent of all EU beer duties, but drink just 12 per cent of the beer.
  • Beer prices increases in pubs are at their lowest since the 1980s.


The British Beer & Pub Association is the leading body representing Britain’s brewers and pub companies. The Association is more than a century old and was originally founded as the Brewers’ Society in 1904. Our members account for some 90 per cent of beer brewed in Britain today, and own around 20,000 of the nation’s pubs.