Brouwer, Jos

P1000705_croppedMember of the National Executive of PINT for 17 years, 1989-2006; member of the board of editors of PINT Nieuws 1987-1998, editor-in-chief of PINT Nieuws 1988-1998. Still contributing to PINT Nieuws and the PINT website.

EBCU delegate for PINT since the founding of EBCU in 1990, till 2008, when elected as vice chairman of EBCU. International beer judge — World Beer Cup, European Beer Star, various other national competitions, including Birra dell’Anno, Italy and CBOB judging with CAMRA. Specialisms: European beer styles, specially German/mid-European beer styles.

Spoorstraat 20, NL-6971 CA Brummen, Netherlands.
+31 6 13947343