British Beer Exports Surge Forward in America

United Kingdom Beer Exports grew by 49% in December 2015 compared to the previous year.


This looks like reversing the overall trend of a decline of 9% in the whole year exports as US consumers turn away from the commodity brands towards craft beers.


The growth in the American Craft Beer market is sucking in great beers from the UK and specifically Scotland.


The Arran Brewery has started exporting to the USA with its first container load went out earlier this year.  The brewery has set up an American company to import beers from Europe to the USA and has gained a lot of experience in label registration and the other red tape associated with US exports.


CEO of the US operations Karen Miles said “We have started a serious business here in the US and I am looking for other great brewers to join us in importing into America.


We can take care of every aspect of the process all the brewery has to do is make fantastic beer and collect payment.  By assigning your brands over to us we will export them to the USA obtaining all the necessary permissions and appoint distributors on your behalf.  The long cycle time and three tier system means that breweries would normally not see any money for as long as 150 days, however, we have arranged export credit guarantees so payment will be made much sooner via a type of factoring arrangement with our banking partner”.


Arran now sells Dolium kegs and offers a filling service for these one-way kegs so that keg craft beer can be exported painlessly to the US along with bottled beer stock.


Managing Director Gerald Michaluk added “Karen has done a fantastic job and as our own beers start to flow in the US there is an opportunity for other small brewers to enter the export market piggy backing on our success, I hope this will mean much more great beers produced by true artisans will soon be on the shelves in the US”.