BGBW Awards 2015

BGBW 2014 award winners

BGBW 2014 award winners



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Aim of the awards

The aim of the Guild of Beer Writers is ‘to extend the public knowledge and appreciation of beer and pubs.’ Our awards are more than a self-congratulatory pat on the back. They’re about helping beer and pubs gain the recognition they deserve.

Awards categories

There are eight categories in the awards. In seven categories, we present a Gold and Silver award, while in the Corporate Communications category, we make one Gold award.

  • Molson Coors Award for Best Beer Writer – National Media

Prizes: Gold £1,000 & Silver £500

For the best writing or broadcasting in the national (and international) press, consumer magazines, books, national television and radio

  • Adnams Award for Best Beer Writer – Regional Media

Prizes:  £1,000 & £500

For the best writing or broadcasting aimed at a specific local or regional audience, published in local and regional newspapers, magazines, radio, television and CAMRA newsletters.

  • Fuller’s 1845 Award for Best Beer Writer – Trade Media

Prizes: £1,000 & £500

For the best writing or broadcasting on the subject of beer and pubs in the trade media

  • Caledonian Brewery Award for Best Beer Communicator – Online

Prizes: Gold £1,000 and Silver £500

For the best use of blogs, websites and social media to communicate about beer

  • Shepherd Neame Classic Collection Award for Best Beer and Food Writer

Prizes: Gold £1,000 and Silver £500

For the best writing or broadcasting on the subject of matching beer with food and/or cooking with beer. Entries can be from national, local or regional media, books, trade publications or online.

  • Badger Ales Award for Best Young Beer Writer

Prizes: Gold £1,000 and Silver £500

Entries are welcome from individuals aged 35 or under on 31 August 2015, and who started writing about beer no more than three years ago.

  • Guild Award for Best Beer and Travel Writer

Prizes: Gold £1,000 and Silver £500

For the best travel-themed beer writing (or beer-themed travel writing) or broadcasting. Entries can be from national, local or regional media, books, trade publications or online.

  • There’s A Beer For That Beer Broadcast Award

Prize: Gold £1,000

For the individual making the best use of broadcast media to champion the quality, diversity and versatility of beer to new drinkers, entries can be radio, TV or online broadcasts. 

  • Guild Award for Best Beer Writer – Corporate Communications

Prize: trophy to the winner

For the best communication on beer in an in-house or customer magazine, internal or external website, corporate film, podcast or on social media.  This award can be won by an individual writer/communicator or by an organisation. The winner of the Corporate Communications category is not considered for the overall Beer Writer of the Year Award.

Who can enter?

  • Despite the title, the awards are open not just to writers, but to anyone who communicates about beer. This includes (but is not limited to) journalists, professional writers, authors, bloggers, poets, illustrators, filmmakers, broadcasters and photographers.
  • You don’t have to be a member of the Guild to enter.
  • Most people enter their own work but if you’re an editor, publisher or other third party you can also enter someone else’s work on their behalf.
  • The awards are not limited to work published in the United Kingdom.
  • The only people who cannot enter are the judges
  • For the Best Young Beer Writer category, entrants must be aged 35 or under on 31 August 2015, and have started writing about beer no more than three years ago.

What do you have to do to win?

It’s entirely up to the judging committee what wins, and no one can predict what will do well. But the winning entries tend to have certain shared qualities:

  • Passion

If you’re not that interested in your subject, it’s doubtful you’ll persuade anyone else to be. We’re not saying you should rant and rave, but in the best writing, the love of beer and pubs is obvious – and infectious.

  • Originality

This is relative of course – the big themes in beer and pubs are written about year after year. But the awards reward fresh perspectives. Knowledge and authority about the subject might seem essential, but can be beaten by an inspiring cry from the heart from a new arrival to the world of beer.

  • Clarity and readability

In order to communicate well, you need to communicate clearly. It helps enormously if you are clear, engaging and accessible.

Entering your work

  • Number of entries: entries are limited to six pieces of work per category. You may enter as many categories as you wish, but you may only enter any one piece of work into a maximum of TWO categories. The judges reserve the right to move work between different categories if appropriate.
  • Quality, not quantity: please enter between one and six pieces of work in each category. If you write a great deal, you’re encouraged to think about your very best work – one great piece stands a better chance than six averagely good ones. If you’re not prolific, don’t worry – in past years writers submitting one lone article have won a gold tankard.
  • If you’re a blogger, the judges will take a look at the overall blog, but in line with the above guidelines, your entry should comprise six posts that you feel best represent your work.
  • Qualifying period

Work must have been published or broadcast between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015 to be eligible for an Award.

We welcome entries from beer writers and communicators for their own work. Equally, we are delighted to receive nominations from third parties. So, if you have come across a press article, book or blog about beer that has impressed you, please think about nominating it.





Entering your own work

We are moving to an online system for entries – unless you have an entry, such as a book, or an entire magazine, that cannot be scanned and submitted electronically.

Online entries: to make reading easier for our judges, please compile your pieces of work – eg articles/blog posts, into ONE Word or PDF document, for EACH CATEGORY you are entering. Please give it a helpful name – eg ‘Fred Blogs/National Media’ and email it with a completed entry form to:

Postal entries: for books, magazines, DVDs and other entries that cannot be made available online, please post FIVE COPIES of each piece of your work (one per judge) and a completed entry form PER CATEGORY ENTERED to the address below.

Nominating other people’s work


The process for nominating is the same as for self-entered works, though you should complete the attached nomination form rather than entry form. Please note that we ask that if possible the nominee is advised that their work is being submitted and is able to confirm that it is all his or her original work.   Please follow the guidelines above and submit the required number of copies as for self-entrants.

Address for postal entries:

British Guild of Beer Writers Annual Awards                                                                                                                  c/o ShielPorter Communications                                                                                                 44 Hurst Road                                                                                                                Horsham                                                                                                                                     RH12 2EP

Contact: or 07841 694137.

Entries can only be returned if accompanied with a self-addressed, stamped envelope or packaging.

The deadline for entries is Friday 18 September




Announcement of the winners

The winners will be announced at the British Guild of Beer Writers annual awards dinner, to be held on Thursday 3 December in London. We welcome all entrants to attend this dinner, which has become one of the most popular fixtures in the brewing industry calendar. Tickets will be available for sale on the Guild website.